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A Letter to Claire

6 April 2017
So, all day yesterday I was quietly trying to fight the feeling that maybe this wouldn’t be my favorite place.  Driving all over the place with Cristian, hitting traffic, navigating narrow street, millions of super tall closet knit buildings….  It’s very much a city.
Parts of it remind me very much of New York City which is fun to visit but where I never wanted to live.  You asked me yesterday if it was beautiful and I kinda dodged the question.  But I met some cool people, and I couldn’t deny feeling really great about being immersed in Spanish again.  I wondered if maybe it would have been wiser to go to South America.  Still, I had a lovely dinner with Cristian’s parents and really enjoyed meeting his friends and making a few of my own.
This morning I woke up at 5:30 and got in the truck with Cristian for the drive to the train by his work.  I pulled the Renfe pass out of my pocket and hopped on to the city.  It was freezing.  I’d forgotten my hat.  I couldn’t find my gloves.
When I reached the city, I decided to hike my frozen nalgas to a coffee shop a quarter mile away n try to stay warm til the sun came out.  Half way there, I noticed some really interesting architecture peaking out behind a building to the left.  I literally stopped in the middle of the walkway and looked up the street toward the coffee shop, and down the street toward the adventure of getting lost.
I decided to get lost.
It is now 4.5 hours later.  I wandered in and out of the winding ancient architecture of el casco viejo.  I made another new ‘wanna be buddies’ friend.  I stopped and had some zumo con tostada de tomate.  I shucked my jacket to soak up the mounting sun.  Now I am sitting somewhere in the middle of the green of el Rio typing this on my phone as the ciclistas pass me by.
This.  This part.  The green, the mystery of super ancient looking domes peeking out over the crest of modern buildings, the ocean, the people both friendly and curious.  This I love.  I think I’ll stay here a while.
But not, RIGHT here.  I’m gonna go get a bike n ride to the ocean.  Then maybe to la Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias.  Then to the vegan buffet.  Cause obviously.   Oh and my new workshop.  I’ve gotta go check out my workshop.
So yea. Come n join me hey?  I’ll show you the cool stuff I’ve found n then we can get lost together and find some more.
I have a feeling that there is a Lot.

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