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Batido… de Frutas

20 May 2017

I appreciate little insignificant signals that I’m getting more acclimated. Still not getting my fingerprints but realizing that I’ve successfully kept up with my little scavenger hunt through multiple legal and government organizations. Seeing a Vodafone sign in a window on my way to a different appointment and sliding in and out of the random shop in less than one minute with my phone successfully recharged. Sliding in and out of an Herbolario in less than a minute having had a quick conversation with the workers and an “talu’go” on the way out (colloquial bastardization of Hasta Luego). I’m here and I’m staying.

I am grateful for this adorable new favorite study spot with it’s adorable ambiance, books, art, chess sets, writers group, cheap vegan eats, great location, and good music. I will be a repeat offender. I mean patron.

I appreciate my friend’s hugs. I would like more of them please.

I appreciate fellow world dwellers. Not just travelers mind you, but dwellers. She came to visit Germany on vacation and decide to just… never go home. She’s awesome.

I appreciate fellow writers. They’re just – we’re just cool people, with beautiful minds.

I am thankful for where we live now. It’s a lovey spot.

I appreciate bands with musicians of varying ages. Everyone wants to play their passions. Why restrict the group to peers? I mean, frankly, we’re all peers. So what if the drummer seems to be 20 years older than the other mates. He’s killin it and looks like he’s having a blast.

I am grateful to have (almost) all my stuff back in one place. It’s starting to feel like I live here.


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