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4 February 2015
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Oops, skipped a few days. Let’s see…. Pa helped me surpass my crazy financial goals over the weekend…. My pastor sent a recommendation for me to attend this course I’m really interested in…. I’ve been getting phenomenal feedback on my music and especially on an arrangement I wrote…. Today my rolfer noted that my structural alignment has improved – and suggested some awesome things to research to further my personal development. These are all great blessings and great encouragements that may or may not seem of value to you, dear reader, but which each mean the world to me. Oh man oh man.

Also, there was a cool thing I noticed myself doing over the weekend. There was a night that was particularly terrible, psychologically (work can get pretty stressful), and I caught myself listing out blessings from days gone by as I rode my bike home. Like, ‘okay, today kind of sucked, but I SAW Your hand here, here and here. AND I remember last week when You did This thing, and last month and last quarter and last year when You did this, this and this…. Therefore I AM blessed. Because You HAVE blessed me in the Past, I AM blessed right now – regardless of present circumstances.’ Again, this may not mean as much to you as it does to me, but it was kind of a big deal. Instead of wallowing for hours, I made a point to remember. I guess… that’s kind of what this Blessing Jar is for too – to help me remember – for those times when I forget that His hand is always on me, or that I am always IN His hand – for those times when I forget, this helps me to remember…. Kind of like my music. I mean, that’s specifically how the opening verse goes to my song, Heart’s Desire.

I’ve written countless songs about the Love You show,
day in and day out You clothe me in forgiveness.
But given time I forget my own rhyme
and I scramble round to find someplace safe I can go.
Ever so faithfully my notes guide me back into Your arms where I belong.
I’ve started posting my lyric wherever I’ll hear it just to keep my eyes on You.

Yea…. Like I said… it’s a big deal to me.

I am blessed.
I am Loved.

I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me.

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