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27 January 2015

Wow. Yea. So even if I HADNT just decided it’d be a good idea to reflect on blessings daily I think I would have logged in tonight. Yesterday was Glitterbell’s awesome birthday party. Today was just. Ahhh… Amazing!! SO amazing in SO many ways.

— I had THE bestest dream – quite complex to be true – ran more like a vision than a dream. Got up and wrote it all down – like, ALL the details and blueprints and such.

— I got up to write at 8AM!! Yes, 8 in the MORNING! Like, the SUN was still out! Took a while to write out the whole dream, then did yoga and made a banana smoothie, packed my backpack and LEFT THE HOUSE by 1PM!!!! Like, the SUN was still out!! Rode my bike to Barton Springs and got a KAYAK!!! FINALLY!!! After yearning for it for Ages, today in all beautiful 70degree weather, riding my bike with my hair blowing in the wind and my arms outstretched in thanks, I finally went and got out a kayak! I didnt exactly exert myself or anything, just really lazily paddled out to the main river, and then floated around for about an hour. I embraced the sun and the sounds and studied the birds closely. 4 species of ducks, 2 swans and one goose. Actually, the swan and goose kept my attention the most.

— While there were two swans, one preferred to stay with the ducks near where people would offer them bread. The other swan preferred to roam the lake, lazily, elegantly, beautiful strides. The goose preferred to stay with the wandering swan. They were beautiful. Inseparable friends. Pure, unblemished silky white plumage, the two would swim within arms reach of me to pass by, briefly making eye contact as they swam. For each long, graceful stride of the swan, the goose would somewhat clunkily kick 4 or 5 times trying to keep up, but together they went, to and fro all over the lake, the goose making these funny, almost wheezing hisses every few strokes. Then the swan would pause for a bit to let the goose catch a breath and eat something, and off they would go again. At one point, I floated in fairly close to watch the two of them join the gabble fighting for bread crumbs. The swan kind of lazily played along for a while and then got bored and prepared to stride off again, goose in tow. Yet this time, as they neared me to pass, the swan made eye contact, turned and glided directly up to me, laying its head completely across the rear of my kayak for a moment, and then looked at me and glided away, goose in tow. Circled me once, and then they were off.

I just… I kind of sat there, stunned for a moment. I….
Awe, that’s all I can come up with, awe. What an incredible, beautiful, flawless creature, and what a funny friendship, and that… just happened. Did anyone else notice? No? Well… I guess it’s all mine then.

I paddled back to dock.

— When I got back to shore, the guys had changed shifts and it was my friend working!!! YAY!!! He let me lease the kayak for free!!! WHOOPIEEE!! I left him tip and we chatted for a while about the joys of pedicabbing and other interesting life endeavors. After a bit, I bid farewell and took off on my bicycle again – another gorgeous ride beneath the sun.

— Deciding to go visit Glitterbell (since TODAY was technically her actual birthday), I biked straight up the lovely and steep Robert E Lee. Halfjokingly noting how I, the beastly pedicabber, was still taking brakes going up a little hill on my light little personal bike, I happened across an absolutely gorgeous tree with red berries on it – obviously this meant I HAD to stop and take an instagram… clearly.

— Upon reaching my destination, I got to catch up with Glitterbell, have some sugar, paint a postcard and tell her and my dear Agent 8:38 the (long and drawn out) details of my dream.

— When I checked my social media, I had this MASSIVE list of my favorite people commenting on my cover upload!!! I mean!!! SUCH GOOSHY FEELS!!!!

— Around 4:30, I packed up and flew home – yet another beautiful, sunny ride – to get ready for an event by the Black Chamber of Austin at City Hall. And I made new friends!!!!! Yes, I met a few people who were cool and that I would love to chat with again – Really cool people, but I also met two girls with whom I INStantly clicked. Like, Oh!!! ThERE you are! We sort of all had an aha moment and immediately exchanged numbers – and then they were like, wait… what are you doing NOW??? Let’s go get lemonade!! NOW!! So our little trifecta tranced off together into the night. 3 gorgeous, powerful women of to conquer new- OH LOOK A TOY STORE!!!! Ah yes, this is why I love them. We puttered around the toy store for a little while and- oh yea, lemonade. Drove to- OH LOOK CRAFT!!! Wandered into Craft, had some sugar and took a selfie and- oh yea, lemonade. And then we went and had some lemonade together.

best day ever

Just, Ahhh!!! Such a fun, funky crew of awesome people I’ve been meeting lately. Pa, You’ve really, REALLY been laying it on thick this week and I’m LOVINeveryminuteofit!!! I am SO blessed, so blessed. Just. Wow. Such an incredible day. I think… I think I’ll do it again tomorrow! Well, at least the getting up early part. Oh, and maybe I should clean my apartment. I’ve gotten so used to being in it by myself that my fluctuations between tidy and no havent really mattered, but Two days in a row now I’ve actually had people to bring over but my living room looks like Sam and Abu had a feltpoo flinging contest!

Hehe… I feel so childishly delicious. Teehee, I made new friends. And I went on the water! And I painted a postcard and some cool little 私は blocks for my desk. ^_^

I am just… So blessed!!!!!!!!!

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