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Collega, and the difference between a police state and police

6 April 2017

I needed a nap. Badly. I tried to walk a bit so I could lay on Gulliver’s face (don’t worry about it). I didn’t make it. I found a super nice spot without bugs on a nice incline and collapsed. It was lovely. Sloped seating for performances maybe. I didn’t set an alarm but figured I’d get up at the right time. Almost exactly an hour later I heard super loud intermittent beats getting closer to me. I thought it was a trolley of some sort. Why was it coming directly at me? I was laying in the MIDDLE of the space. The man was speaking. To me! The man was speaking to me, COLLEGA!!!!

I sat up and took the jacket off of my face. Two BEAUTIFUL, strong, happy looking horses towered above me as though I had not completely woken from a dream. Oh and two cops mounted their beautiful, strong, happy looking backs. I almost immediately started laughing. They, very sweetly, asked me what I was doing and upon learning that I was not in fact a crazed ragamuffin, suggested another nice napping spot that might be better. They informed me that the spot I had chosen is where the kids like to play on their scooters and skateboards.

1. The police didn’t yell at me and were in fact incredibly nice and smiley (and as good looking as their horses) – admittedly it might have been because I shot up out of a dead sleep with a huge grin on MY face, and looked nothing like they probably expected.

2. Seriously, the horses were absolutely stunning.

3. They laughed and conceded when I asked to take a foto cause Claire would freakin love it.

4. They were PROTECTING a skate area.

(Cue music)
I think I’m gonna like it here.

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