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Drying Out

15 May 2017

I am grateful for loopholes.  I think I’ve found a way to rectify the issue of acquiring my criminal history.  Which means, the rest of this WILL come together.  There is always a way, and I have already found a few, so the rest have to be around here too.

I appreciate super sweet neighbors.  The guys downstairs seemed really cool when we first saw them on the first day we moved into this building, and we meant to get to know them better.  Today is the most time I have spent with any of them, and I can confirm that at least one of them is just as cool as he seemed.  …and now we’re moving to the other side of town.  But hey, nothing is really THAT far.  More friends.

I am thankful for my mommy.  Seriously, that conversation we had days ago still cracks me up.  I hope she has lots of fun with her new Mother’s Day gift.  She deserves ALL of the creative joy Papa can pour through her.

I am grateful for ideas, and the ideas that they spark.  There MUST be a way for me to create this platform.  I mean, it will be such a huge catalyst for even MORE idea sparks and forest fires!

I am thankful forRhett & Link.  Again, hilarious, and yay.

I love graph paper note books, and I love filling them with ideas.

I am grateful for sleep.

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