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3 May 2017

I wonder if I can train myself to record thankfulness as I go through the day, rather than just at the end.  Perhaps I can use them as moments of mindfulness – multiple moving meditations, rather than just one block of meditation in the morning and one at night.  I’ll give it a go.

Well, today has been another successful day.  I woke early (as in, before the siesta), wrote my morning pages, meditated, showered, went to the Farmacia and Consum, ate a tinsy somewhat pitiful breakfast, and then biked across town to do my work at Ubik Cafe.  Then I toured a flat, and went for dinner (insert 2 hour glitch).  Then ate dinner, biked home and here I sit.

I am grateful for the lovely Ubik Cafe – I really do enjoy working there.  Hopefully I can find some more, similar spaces around town – cozy spaces with tea and strong wifi.

I am grateful for the women who showed me the flat today, and hope that we will finally discover our official landing place – and pray that will not have to move several more times in order to get there.

Again, thankful for Valenbici.  It’s just… nice.

I am thankful to the lady who let me occupy one of her dinner tables while waiting for another restaurant to never open….  She seems like a cool person.

I am grateful for finally finding some notebooks that will adequately suit my needs for a while.  AND for finding one in the color I wanted.

I am thankful for this schedule I’ve adopted – it really does seem to get me in gear and out of any funks (thus far).  I am hopeful that it will continue to do so, even when I actually wake UP with a funk.  I have a feeling that the triple cleansing of morning pages, yoga and meditation will filter out most, if not all of my angst and launch me into my day.  Not to say that I will always be an energizer bunny or anything.  I mean, I’m sure there will be a day where after all 3, I’ll decide to lay in bed and read for 12 hours.  But that’s just it, it will hopefully be a decision, rather than a mindless meandering.

I am grateful for The Artists Way, again, for sparking and stoking the flame of my hope.  I have seen and eaten the bread of the results of the first time I walked through it, and I am so excited to see what will manifest this time.

I am grateful for warm weather.  It’s a perfect temperature right now.  I can play with layers, and I’ve figured out how to not get too terribly sweaty.  The shade is cool and the sun is just right.  Yesterday I ate part of my breakfast on the roof, and it was just wonderful.  Today, though I spent several hours in the Cafe, I noted my gratefulness for the sunshine and the warmth.  It’s a nice, and noted contrast to staying in my bedroom with the curtains drawn and the windows sealed day in and day out.  I feel alive.

I am grateful to Janus for coworking with me today.  Even if we don’t talk, there is something really nice about having a friend alongside while getting things done.

I am thankful for ACIM.  I am going to log off here and listen to a chapter before going to bed.  We have an early morning tomorrow, and I think I will preemptively say here, I am thankful for a successful day tomorrow resulting in our acquired NIE cards.


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