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Five Flats and a Circus

10 May 2017
100517 Caballeros

I am grateful for Downward Dog and their wonderful restorative yoga mixes.

I appreciate bike paths.

I appreciate Expats with available flats.

I appreciate friendly men who suggest delicious places to eat.

I am thankful for friends with cool houses that I might steal.

I am really grateful for friends I hadn’t even met yet who found out THEIR friend was bringing a vegan friend (me) to a barbecue and went out of their way to find vegan ingredients to make vegan food.  I mean… W❤️ W.

I am SO stinkin excitedly thankful for a scheme that popped into my head that I may add to my trimester.

I appreciate Baby Critical Mass (no really, a lil parade of like 2-5 year olds just biked by en mass, complete with escorts to bike ahead and block cross streets, and a rolling DJ booth …I apologize for not taking a photo)

I am grateful for HORSE COPS 🐴  👮🏼  👮🏽 🦄   👧🏾  OH yea, THAT’s right.  I ran into them again.  Them sexy boys and their gorgeous riders.  I tried to get another photo with them, but neither of the cops seemed to want to be in the pic (sad face).  But they were really funny and sweet.  We chatted a bit about our first meet, offering each other a bit more context and laughing about it, and then I continued on my way.  They’re apparently in the park a lot, so……….

I appreciate spinach and mushrooms.  ALL the spinach and mushrooms.  And I really dig how dirt cheap it all is here.

I am exceedingly grateful for that moment when I looked over my budget and realized that despite the rather extravagant spending in April (a result of the excitement of my first month in Spain, the lack of house or kitchen or any form of stability, the paying off last bills in the US, and so on and so forth), I already cut my monthly outflow in HALF.  As in, the more stable I get, the less money I should bleed, theoretically.  I say theoretically, because I am also launching a business… so those are other potential expenses (and income).  Also, I plan to travel.  But either way, all things remaining equal, I spend half as much money here, even when I’m being careless.  That’s nice to know.

I am thankful for Herbolarios All Over Town.  I mean, in Austin we were super excited to get our awesome lil vegan grocery store, and to see a handful of vegan products popping up at Wheatsville, Central Market and Whole Foods, and sometimes at HEB.  But here?  There is at least one 100% vegan grocery, and then the Herbolario.  The Herbolario is a chain that is spread all through the city and while it is not a vegan market, they put the number of available vegan products we had available to Shame.  There is also Organico, another chain, a few Asian markets, and then the regular Consum, Mercadona and Corte Ingles even have a ton of vegan products.  And then if you want to actually be a HEALthy person and eat simple fruits and vegetables as nature intended, Ha.  It’s actually a bit difficult to walk more than a block or two without finding Some nook selling fresh, delicious looking produce.  (Oh, and did I mention that everything is like half the price of what I was spending in Austin?)  It’s quite wonderful, truly.

I am grateful for new living spaces – even if it WILL be our fifth but not final flat.  It’s hopefully a better location, and will hopefully provide a TOUCH more stability while we get everything else in order.

Aaand, I am grateful for cramps.  Twould seem that I am in fact still alive.

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