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Grateful May

1 May 2017
010517 Expat Services

Today felt like a wonderful success. So much so that I am tired now and will only leave a short bit here tonight.

I am so grateful for Laurence from VLC Expat Services for meeting with us today and putting us at ease. We are officially making some headway toward our long term stay here.

I am thankful for Mor for further putting me at ease by recounting HIS journey as an entrepreneur here. I am excited to see how we may even collaborate in the future on some cool projects.

I am grateful for the warmer but still crisp weather. It felt really nice to be out on bike today.

I am grateful for Ubik Cafe. They have a really nice atmosphere and I have a feeling they will be getting a fair amount of my future patronage.

I am thankful for Valenbici. Their presence has allowed us to hit the ground rolling from the very start.

I am thankful for Cristian who helped me get settled in at first. There is something deeply gratifying about rekindling old friendships, and I feel blessed that he still values me. His generosity over the last several weeks, and that of his friends and family, make me feel pretty darn special.


I am thankful to my body for putting up with me and for demonstrating a greater strength today than I has hoped for. I am encouraged and believe that I can in fact meet my physical goals this trimester.

I am grateful to Julia Cameron, and a of the other authors who are currently inspiring me to put that next foot forward. I would not even be in Spain right now without them.

I am grateful for all these things and more and will leave some bits for tomorrow.

Thank you for all of the blessings.


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