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21 May 2017

I am thankful for new obsessions, and for allowing myself to indulge.  I let myself pour my ‘freakout’ session into my new little side project for 5 hours solid, and when I awoke, my mind was ready to pour some of that obsession into my actual task.  I woke up late, spilled some ideas into my morning pages, and then ran full steam for about 7 hours.  Yay.

I appreciate hair-saving apps and software.  Sure, I could cajole myself all day about the merits of doing the grunt work, and berate myself for always looking for an easier route….  Or, I could spend 7 hours actually doing my work because I remembered the pointlessness of reinventing the wheel and chose to have compassionate patience with my weaknesses.  This tool I am using is actually training me, strengthening my skills, which is a pretty notable step up from simply cowering in the corner for 5+ years because ‘wah I dont know how to do it myself’.  This project is finally starting to come together and my excitement is STARTING to outgrow my fear.

I am thankful for the creativity of others and for my willingness to indulge my childlike interests.  Cause, lets be real, I am still analyzing the amazingness of Moana.  There is something so strong there, Disney corporation aside, in the message of the importance of IDENTITY.  I’m sure that I will be mulling over it for days to come.  …and also singing Shiny to under my breath as I putter around.

I am grateful for Trello for sharing their rad software.  It’s nice to be able to click back to a solid idea I had 3 years ago that is finally ready to be toyed with.

I appreciate my supermegaawesome roommate for just being supermegaawesome.  And for bringing me food while I was in the zone.  And for not throwing me off the balcony for singing the same songs over n over again or making super weird, loud noises when I stretch.  Thanks buddy.

K… back to my evening obsession 😁

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