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I Finally Made Something

24 May 2016

I FINALLY got a couple of finished useable pieces!  And it only took me 14 solid hours 😀

When I am learning (aka, teaching myself by trial and error) something new, it tend to take me about 28 times longer that it ‘should’.  My mission for the day was to finish the Mandela plaque.  However, while I like it enough to be too lazy to change it, the piece didnt come out exactly how I wanted it to – but it’s a start.  Having ‘failed’ to produce something I loved, instead of FIXing the piece, I naturally started 8 other project simultaneously.  There was something with a massive wooden post, which I re-scrapped after 8 random cuts.  There was a smaller post, which I temporarily scrapped cause I couldn’t get the hole-blade to do what I wanted it to (aka, I refused to measure and mark my spots like a normal person and was unsatisfied with the terrible result of my ‘eyeballing it’).  There was the sconce-esque thing that I hadn’t finished from a couple days ago (note, I still havent finished it).  There were a lot of things.

So, having taken over an entire, massive work table (plus a smaller table, a hacksaw table, the table saw table and some other assorted spaces) to sprawl out with my multiple attempted somethings, I decided to move to the laser cutter (did I mention that I destroyed a paintbrush within 20 minutes of buying it?  I feel like I didn’t mention that yet).  I grabbed some scrap wood, dusted it off (instead of cleaning it, cause, you know… dandann) and cut out some pieces (oh, and I ran to HEB to grab some jars somewhere in there too).  Cut some holes in em, like a pro (cause all the previous awful cuts somehow managed to make me good at making cuts – just not on the piece i was trying to produce earlier…), stained em, like a pro (cause I found a new brush and DIDNT do what I did to the previous one), attached some hose clamps, like a pro (cause by this time, I knew how to use the drill press – AND didn’t break any drill bits today), et voilà!  I finally had a piece.  Oh wait, right BEFORE that piece, I randomly grabbed another scrap of wood and zip-zip-zip made some expert cuts, like a pro (again, screwing up other pieces for HOURS made it possible for me to assemble THIS one in like, 8 minutes…), glued em, clamped em, screwed em down and BAM!  First officially finished piece (the photo makes it look crooked, but really, I actually did it well) and viable way to get rid of the 67,000 Topo Chico bottles scattered around my apartment!


So yea.  12pm to 2isham.  14 hours. 2 finished pieces, 2.5 more that can be finished in about 2 minutes per, and another big piece that could either be finished fairly quickly, or repurposed into something possibly cooler.


Moral of this story: wait… another story really quick.  When I was in high school, my brother and I started teaching ourselves Capoeira, and I really wanted to do an au batido.  But, to do an au batido, I needed to be able to do a handstand – which I couldn’t, very well.  So I tried to get a decent hand stand going, and I fell – repeatedly.  I fell, and fell, and fell, for WEEKS …until I stopped falling.  I fell every possible way there was to fall until there weren’t any ways left.  And then my balance was SOLID.  I still have difficulty falling out of handstands (and my au batido is sick).


ANyway, Moral of the Story:  If you allow yourself to mess up enough, you eventually figure out how to do things well (and really fast).


The trick is to keep screwin up.  You’re only A screw up if you STOP.  Keep moving through and mastery is on the other side (note that in my woodworking examples I may be using the term ‘Mastery’ a bit gratuitously).


All bad things come to an end.
…see what I did there?


But yay!  I made something ^_^

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