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21 May 2017

I am thankful for lil self pep talks.  Just keep moving my darling.

I am SO GRATEFUL for omg delicious papaya.  Y’all don’t understand.  My life.  This… it’s just… omhng.  I even wrote an ode to my divine experience.

I appreciate the loss of that guilt I used to get when telling people I was a traveler.  My life has realigned in many ways through this move.

I appreciate walks to clear my nerves.

I am grateful for the flow of ideas when I relax my mind.

I am grateful for awesome vegan spaces.

I am thankful for learning new, exciting skills.

I am grateful to myself for pouring my ‘escapism’ into something useful instead of endless hours of youtube.  Sure, I could have poured those 5 hours into the more important project, but I was going to throw them anyway, and this time I threw them at something that I am still proud of.  I hope that this becomes a habit.

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