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6 January 2015
blessing jar

I suppose I could be more vigilant as blessings come along, but life keeps moving. So, let’s see…. Over the last 5 of so days, the things that stand out the most would be… making rent in spite of the (frozen) piss and rain, getting to partake in an awesome and fun Shabbat, my Artist Fairy Godmother oh so much, AND her divine, wonderful, amazing brother… which I suppose makes him the Godfather?! Ha!!

The short version of the rent story would be that there were enough gaps in the rain for me to find fares, and those fares gave a ridiculous amount of love on New Year’s Eve. Outstanding, frankly. I am so grateful for the many, many COUNTless times that Papa has just… pulled funds out of thin air regardless of how the night “should” have gone. I really have no reason to ever worry about anything. So… I should… STOP WORRYING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!


Carrying on with short stories, it really meant a lot to me to be able to participate in Shabbat with Glitterbell and friends. I have always had an interest in such things, but also, they are a really amazing group of people and it’s nice to hang about with a community. In all of my hermitry, I’ve miss that kind of camaraderie and hope to sew the seeds to build strong relationships like that again (she says while regretting not hanging out with the Flying Bendy Ones before the ran off to Thailand…). I used to be really good at building relationships – I Think…. All about community, looking out for everyone and such. How have I gotten so… well… hermitly? Even when I was living with people over the last few years… something in me shifted. I should think it’s hi time to shift it back, dare I say. Anyway, many thanks again for the shiny appearance of Glitterbell into my world.

Moving on… Oh man I’m pretty sure that I’ll be thanking my Fairy Godmother every single time I post. Mercy, the gift she gave me is completely changing my world. In fact, Im gonna wrap this up and dive in some more, cause Im in a particularly amazing spot right now. Im sure I’ll mention more of this somewhere (or everywhere) else on this site.

Lastly but most awesomely, I am so grateful for my Fairy Godfather? I suppose? Is that your name now? Haha. Hanging out on the social interwebs one night, he pops up from the other side of the country and starts Lavishing me with compliment after compliment, about the strengths he sees in me and how I’ve inspired him. Holy moly. I honestly did not even know how to take it. Almost like I didn’t truly believe that I could be any of what he said, let alone an inspiration. But his words meant the world to me. Sometimes we need that bit of encouragement, to know that someone IS paying attention to you out there… and that they believe in you. All the warm n fuzzies.

Anyway, it’s time to go get all snuggly with that book.

Thank you Pa for Loving me ^_^

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