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1 May 2017

It is officially May.  May is here.  It is the beginning of a whole new trimester.  May, June, July, August, and it starts today.  What will I do with this one, beautiful life?

I’ve been in Spain for 3 weeks now.  My Spanish is back up to par, I feel like I am supposed to be here, it is a good feeling.  BUT, I am still not settled.  The matter of legal paperwork still looms above me like an ominous shadow, and though I do not fully believe in its power to hurt me, it still serves as a reminder that I have a limited amount of time in which to secure my status here.  And so I plan.

My goals for this trimester are these:

Daily Morning Pages

Consistent Yoga Practice

Daily Meditation Practice

Consistent, Dedicated Work Hours

Focus on Sewing INTO a Community

Weekly Artist Dates

Daily Reflections of Gratefulness

In the earliest stages, my Consistent, Dedicated Work will consist OF getting all of my paperwork squared away for securing my entrepreneurship visa.  This includes drafting a solid, non-confusing business plan.  As the tasks in that bin are completed, my focus will shift to consistently uploading photos, audio bytes, video bytes, recipes and writings.  Hopefully, I can find a nice, quiet space outside of our home from which to work.  Perhaps a bookstore+coffeeshop style area, or even a coworking space (though I prefer to be surrounded by books).

For the rest, having ruminated over this plan for a few days (if not months) already, I am excited to say that despite waking up fairly late today, I managed to skirt the temptation to wallow in fearful procrastination and dug into my morning pages, did yoga, meditated, took a shower, and began writing this entry!  So yay, I am in fact moving forward, as of today.  Now I’ll be signing off to go meet with a lawyer to see about untangling this messy knot of paperwork so that I can actually BE here for all 4 months of my neatly planned trimester.  Everything is already fine.  I did the hardest part already, and I am here.  2017 is mine, and oh man, it’s going to be interesting.

Anyhoo, thanks for tuning in.  I’ll check back in soon.


~ DanDann

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