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Mudslide (part 4)

14 May 2017

I appreciate African friends and their seemingly endless desire to help and foster community.  I hope that I can adopt their nature.

I appreciate spinach.

I am grateful for subtle little clues that my Spanish is becoming a stronger part of me.  For example, going to mass yesterday and understanding most of what was being said, or being able to text in English but still understand what someone is saying to me in Spanish, or noticing that I’ve just eavesdropped a conversation in Spanish at the other end of the table while having my own conversation over here in English.  So far, the only recent blowout moments where I just couldn’t take in any information were when two people were competing to talk over each other in an empty marble room (more an issue of protecting my eardrums than a question comprehension), and the other day when someone was trying to explain complicated legalese while a man clopped around the light wood floors in squeaky shoes (more of an issue of my mounting period-fever than anything else).

I am thankful for the renewed sense of determination.  I refuse to succumb to the lack of vision of other.  I am on a mission, and I will accomplish it.

I am So, incredibly grateful for my absolutely amazing mother.  Without her, I would not be here.  Obviously.  But also, I would not be Me (literally, figuratively, emotionally, and so forth).  And I just love how our relationship has changed and grown into what it is now.  She is one of my very favorite humans, and I am so thankful to call her my mom. ❤️

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