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26 January 2015
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First of all, there have been so many blessings since my last update that it’s just… silly. I could easily make a short update every day. In fact, maybe I should. It’s good to LOOK for blessing, you know? …Instead of getting used to them, taking them for granted to a point where you no longer notice them? Perhaps I should make this a daily recap. Morning Pages in the morning, Blessing Jar at night? Hm. Perhaps I shall. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve been doing The Artist’s way for about 4 months now – it is amazing and has completely shifted my life – I am eternally grateful to my Artist Fairy Godmother for introducing me to it. But… oh rats, I just forgot why I brought that up. Hang on…

I just got home from a beautiful birthday party at this GORgeously designed upper room of a restaurant downtown. Exposed woods and bricks, light fixtures over flowing with hanging plants, moss growing on the walls – Oh man I wish I could live in it. It was breathtaking. But the really lovely part of it – for me anyway – was that I was invited? It may sound kind of silly, but making friends at almost 30 is not the same as making friends at 6 – especially with my job and hours, you know? But these wonderful, wonderful people that I have been blessed to know seem to have brought me into their circle and it just… it makes me feel all squishy n stuff. I mean, they hunted me down!! It was a surprise birthday party for Glitterbell and apparently several people were trying to hunt down my email to invite me. Finally Glitter’s mom found me and told me the details and that they’d been looking for me online, and then I connected with them online and it just…. I dunno… it feels nice to be sought out. It’s not like it was my birthday party or anything, but I just, felt really special ^_^ The party was wonderful, the people are such gorgeous, intelligent, driven, loving beings. It was just. Great. So, thank you Glitterbell for sharing your amazing friends with me.

Still cant remember why I brought up The Artist’s Way.

Uh…. Well, the weekend was absolutely amazing. Papa keeps blessing my socks off with amazing passengers. I’ve been able to keep my lights on and everything. I cant say enough about this. Just…. Thank You. I’ll try to be less of an impatient jerk – Your hand is always on me and there’s never a good reason for me to stress out.

Artist’s Way… Artist’s Way… hm…

Well, I’m grateful for The Artist’s Way. Doing it has brought such amazingness into my life.

I’ve been releasing weekly cover videos online. It’s a practice that’s helping me learn a few things, practice a few things, get comfortable and get ready for the next things. I am trying my hardest, via The Artist’s Way (AH there it is) to not get attached to other people’s responses to my art. If by some mercy I become famous for it, I dont want it to destroy my work. But it’s still a fun, fuzzy feeling when 500 people see my cover on the 1st day and a bunch of people actually respond. It feels nice. But yes, I do not want to attach to that feeling. The purpose of this work is for me to grow my self, not to entertain people. It’s nice that it entertains people, but I do not want it to become about that or I will lose myself again – and I just found me… and we’re getting along rather well. So… forgive me if I get stingy with my self from time to time – I must.

Anyway, SO so so grateful, so blessed – this year is looking to be my best yet, and I am excited.

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