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Rain Rain on My Face

19 May 2017

I am grateful for my body. For rising to the challenges presented by DDP and actually being able to do them.

I am grateful for scrubby wash cloths. My skin isn’t as messed up as I thought it was. It just wanted something more efficient than a cute sponge.

I am thankful for goals that get me out of bed, and for the growing confidence that I WILL achieve them.

I appreciate the closenit layout of Valencia. When I stop complaining g about how far things are, I realize that nothing is really far at all and it’s a lovely city in which to bike.

I am thankful for timely cab rides. The rain was inevitable. Now that I am done sulking, I can acknowledge that had I not abandoned my attempt at fingerprinting to go home and give Claire the house key, pack a bin of essentials and take a cab to the new flat, I would have been stuck at the police station without prints, and would have had to bike back in the pissing rain, pack alone, carry bins down alone (liar, Mario would have helped) and take a taxi alone, in the rain – or sleep another night at the old flat, alone.  Instead, we got to the new flat Just in time, and I got to see what our new neighborhood looks like wet…. It was a fun day, if I spin it right.

I appreciate our new location – a lot. It is in a pretty perfect spot, a 10 minute bike ride from almost everything. It’s also above an amazing Consum, across from a great market, plaza and valenbici parada, and around the corner from a great Asian market and other useful shops.

I appreciate our new Consum. (Cue music) I think I’m gonna fruit it here.

I appreciate our awesome new Asian market. They have Lots of fun stuff to play with.

I am grateful for my new bigger bed and pretty room. I hope that our next flat has perfect rooms for BOTH of us. Cause… yea.

I am grateful for CLOSETS! Goodness. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated them until I spent a month and a half living out of a box….

I am excitedly grateful for new languages. Yea, I added another thing. It happened. And it’s awesome.

I am grateful for my flexibility and willingness to be so. Instead of seeing the siesta as obnoxious and trying to work around it, I had a sudden lightbulb momentthat i could just, join it. So. Yay. Naps!


K bye!

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