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30 January 2015

Yesterday and today were both great. Let’s see…

Yesterday I got to cut really awesome looking jewelry cards for when my stuff goes into stores. Im so proud of them!! Afterward my new fwends invited me to do yoga with them!! It’s just… Im still so excited about the cool people who have been stepping into my life lately!! I then came home to an amazingly delicious carob cherry banana smoothie and a few hours of designing blueprints from my dream the other day (and a few BuzzFeed videos). Overall, it was a blessedly chill evening.

thanks mommy 2


Today, ha. I slept in and then met an awesome and encouraging friend for breakfast (his lunch/snack I would assume). He is such a great guy to talk, both he and his wife. They help me to dream when I forget to. I feel so blessed to be friends with them ^_^ Once we parted ways, I went back to my lasers and the person before me had not shown up so I got an extra 45 minutes to play with!! I made some awesome new jewelry: a few Piccasso pieces, some dragon fruits, watermelon slices, peaches, some more Watashi Wa earrings, even few Euskalherria decklaces and a Texas Longhorns thing. A pretty productive session. My awesome buddy the Crazy Banana Lady came to meet me and once I wrapped up, we went and had dinner together. I always love our chats. The evening brought me to work, and once I realized how horribly slow it was, I called my mom. We have a little joke about how when it gets SO slow that even I loose my edge, I’ll talk to mom or dad and immediately start getting rides, ending with an abnormally lucrative night. So I called. She prayed over me, and 3 minutes later my first fares jumped into my cab. It was more abnormally lucrative than …normal? Haha.

So many wonderful blessings to be thankful for. Thank You so.

Anyhoo, off to bed so I can do some more blessing hunting tomorrow!!

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