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That Body Does Not Mean Anything, and it is beautiful

6 May 2017

In addition to the other bits of blogging, I would like to take a moment here and there to talk about what inspires me creatively.  In today’s chewing, I’ll take you along with me in reflecting on yesterday’s Artist Date.

Museu Valencià de la Il-lustració i de la Modernitat (or Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad if you don’t speak Valencian) ~ Carrer de Quevedo, 10, 46001

for 2€, I received entrance to the permanent photography exhibit upstairs, the visiting exhibit downstairs, the Civil War exhibit across the courtyard, and the prehistoric museum down the street.  As the visit was a bit of an afterthought with a limited time allotment, I opted to only visit the first two exhibits and the bookstore.  Having just had a conversation with someone about my fascination with the human body and the skin, I was pleased to hear that both obras featured the human body and the skin.  I decided to start downstairs.

Leonardo Kossoy. Only you
In every artistic exhibit, there is what the artist presents, and what the patron observes.  I cannot speak for the artist, but to add a photo of what the Museum chose to say about his work.  So I will speak only for what I felt.

Spread throughout the gallery were sections featuring a man and a woman.  For all but a few photos, both were completely nude.  I read the wall, and my takeaway was something to do with emotions, and so I went through each photo looking for emotions, through the filter of my studies in A Course in Miracles, The Artists Way, Non-Violent Communication, and the like.

In the first series I interpreted a man and a woman, fully clothed, eating a meal at the same table, but not together.  I saw separation.  Disconnection.  Anxiety.  A few photos in and the man finally turns his face to observe the woman.  To see her.  To connect.  In the next photo, per my memory/perception, they were were bare.  What I took from this, or projected onto it, was an empathy toward the feeling of being in proximity to others but alone.  That emptiness.  The anxiety of it.  And then the decision to connect – not by trying to grab the other’s attention, but by choosing to offer attention.  He gives his awareness to her.

In another series, there was a section with three walls.  One wall showed the man, struggling within the tiny space of a cube barely large enough for him to take the fetal position.  The other wall showed the woman similarly struggling to find a comfortable position.  The third wall featured both the man and the woman, now crammed together into tiny space.  What came to mind, viewing this, was the futility of trying to rely on another person to heal our perceived brokenness.  When we are trapped, trying to find solace in another similarly trapped human, it only serves to further trap us, but now with even less room.  The ideal would be to find solace and liberation in Spirit, who sees us clearly, as we are – free and unfettered.  In finding our comfort in His expansiveness instead of under perceived limitation, we can THEN freely come together without burdening ourselves or each other.  Get out of the box.

These are the two pieces that stood out to me the most from Kossoy’s presentation.

Bernardo Tejeda. [Una] Trilogía de la conducta

In hindsight, I am not sure that this is a permanent installation, according to the website it may only be available until the 28th.  Perhaps the permanent installation was closed yesterday….  I am not certain.

In Tejeda’s photos, he features extreme closeups of the human body.  Textures of skin.  Hair.  Teeth.  I found it to be impressive.  Fascinating.  The human body truly is an incredibly detailed work of art.  At one photo, I could not help but stop to inspect my own skin.  I examined the patterns that would appear when I pinched my arm, the patterns blanketing the backs of my hands and knuckles.  The endless interconnected triangles and trapezoids.  I thought of the detailed patterns we see in art, and in, say, Arabic architecture.  I wondered how many artists found their patterns after marveling at the intricacies of the skin.  I mean, who steals better than an artist?  There is something foundational that draws me to the art of the body.  I have even taken photos such as these, close, intimate lines.  Seeing this point of view displayed in a museum gallery inspires me to return to this type of photography.  In fact, maybe I will even add my propensity to connect things to fruit.  The ideas have officially begun streaming.  My notebook is alive again and well.


Another day I will visit the prehistoric museum, and see about the actual permanent installations.  I did not feel any strong desire to view the Civil War exhibit.  I have already filled my mind with enough death for now.  I choose to ponder life this term.

Oh, and my ACIM lesson for today?  Nothing I See Means Anything.

One, I thought it somewhat humorous to place that here at the end of a post about things I saw yesterday.  Two, it sparked an interesting chain of thoughts.

If that object does not mean anything, then I cannot be attached to it.  This is freedom.

That is all I will say for now.

Thank you for joining me today.  I appreciate you.


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