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23 May 2017

I am thankful for thick concentration (and sweat) and decent headway.

I am grateful for the way that my brain works.  I love puzzles and data and research and numbers and correlations and- all of these things are making this thing of learning to write proposals a bit more fun and attainable for me.

I am grateful for delicious mushrooms.

I am thankful for finally getting our keys made.

I AM GRATEFUL THAT THE THING IS FINALLY IN MOTION!!!!!  That’s all.  Cause, you know… I live here.
(Don’t worry about it).

I appreciate my roommate for skillfully handling some of our logistics.  I should probably say this TO her, but it’s been kinda fun to just have certain things already taken care of.  Thanks Buddy.

I appreciate fun secrets and major goals.  Certain people will hopefully be excited about said goals, while others will hopefully think they’re as hilarious and awesome as I do.

Oh, cryptic gratitude.

Welp.  There it is ^_^


Overall theme: I am grateful for progress.

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