Okay, so on Monday, June 22nd, I heard about this SBA grant (it’s called the EIDL, which suggests that it’s loan, but it’s actually a grant). So I applied for it, and got the $1000 deposit the morning of June 24th.

Essentially, the United States SBA is giving out $1000 for small business owners, sole proprietors, independent contractors, and the like, and apparently they’re approving EVeryone. Check the website, go through the application, give it a go.

Application: https://covid19relief.sba.gov/#/

Information on it actually being a Grant not a loan: https://bench.co/blog/operations/sba-eidl-grant/

Also, I CALLED the SBA, just for extra security, and the lady confirmed that the EIDL advance is 100% grant. You never sign a contract, so there’s zero loan. Anything you sign a contract for AFTER that would be a loan.

Also, this is where I heard about it, he’s a bit over the top, but this part checked out, so sort through the rest of his stuff if you feel like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlfrSR08SS8

So Now You Know.
It’s there until it runs out.
If you need it, take it.
If someone else could use it, too, bless them.

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