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I have been talking about wanting to get into Amigurumi for a while now, but was taking my time trying to perfect my crochet basics. Whale, I finally got a little “bored” and jumped into a YouTube tutorial (many thanks to Crimson & Wool for her easy to follow steps, and to BluPrint and many Twitch streamers for giving me other basics over the last weeks).

I made a doll!! Okay so… it says it’s supposed to take one hour… but…. Well, I finished it didn’t I?! Anyway, he came out super cute and I’m really proud of him (and myself). And now I’m itching to make him some friends and aminals and, and!!!! Ungh I can’t wait!! Or rather, I have to wait for at least 6 days for the stuffing to get here. Although, my brother told me to go get some cotton balls to tide myself over. I MIGHT, cause I’m a bit impatient, however, cotton balls pack down when they get wet and thus are not ideal toy fillers. But we’ll see. Maybe I can distract myself with finishing the crochet basics course and some other silliness until the stuffing (and more yarn) gets here.

But uh, yea, I wanted to give an update. Despite all of my bravado, saying that if I had time I would learn and make all of these things, I fell into the rut of sleeping, eating reading, sometimes streaming. Even with all the time in the world, and literally nothing else to do, I was kinda just coasting. Well, sort of, I mean, I HAVE been making scarves (spose I ought to upload some photos of that, hey?)…. But over the last few days, I’ve cut and am editing a few songs for you (still nothing particularly professional, but at least they will exist), and I’ve started making something OTHER than winter-wear. So yea, Keep an eye out. There are things on the horizon. Many thanks to my parents for giving me a chill, relaxing space to start exploring fiber arts, to my supporters who Bought me a Freaking Computer so that I could improve my streaming and editing, to my brother for being amazing and lending me all of the gear I could want and making me delicious food while I stream, to Calvo for helping me tag songs for clipping, and to Swiss for giving me THE perfect motivation to actually release the music.

All of you are amazing.

Thank you.

And uh, keep your eyes peeled. I just figured out how to make sentient creautres. I have a feeling there are going to be a LOT of them.

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  1. That’s awesome to see your creativity is fueled up and ready to impress people. And that’s just the beginning. Keep it up!

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